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Young Retail Workers

June, which is National Safety Month, seems an appropriate time to focus on young workers, as they head out of schools and into the workforce. Many of them will find in jobs in the retail industry, a leading employer of young workers in the United States.

We launched a new web page for young retail workers.  We feature retail workers because the retail industry is a leading employer of young workers. This new web-based resource Young Retail Workers gives an overview of retail business and helps identify potential safety hazards, such as these top five reported to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). 

The new web page provides basic information, along with facts and tips that employees should know for working safely in retail. To start with, employees should learn (from their employer or supervisor) all about their job and any potential hazards if it is not performed properly or without appropriate protections. Employees also need to know their rights and responsibilities. There are tips for what an employer should do to ensure employees remain safe and stay on the job. 

The six pages within this topic include: 

(1)   Being struck by or stuck in equipment or objects

(2)   Overexertion

(3)   Slips, trips, and falls

(4)   Driving or riding on the job

(5)   Violence at work

(6)   What You Know Can keep you safe and healthy at work 

If you are an employer of young workers in retail, or provide safety and wellness resources to employers in retail, we would like to hear from you. How have you worked to keep young workers safe?  If you are interested in collaborating with the NIOSH Wholesale and Retail Trade Sector contact Dr. Vern Anderson ( or Donna Pfirman ( 

More Information:

Visit the new website Young Retail Worker Safety and Health for information on protecting young workers in this industry.

The June 8, 2016 NIOSH Science Blog column, “Protecting Young Workers in Retail Jobs” provides NIOSH young worker research information and a Miranda’s story about her first job at sixteen.

The Director’s Desk column in the June NIOSH eNews also provided updates on NIOSH young worker research and resources.

Visit the 2017 Moreton Employee Benefits Benchmark Survey Report. 


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